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End User IT Support

End User IT Support 1

AI Video Analytics

End User IT Support

A modern and ultimate IT experience for every company.

Optimize IT Service Digital Workflows

  • Create a modern IT service experience for users and approvers in your organization with custom-built IT workflows
  • Omni-channel support for reporting issues and get real-time updates on cases.
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  • Choose from various leasing payment options to reduce upfront costs for Hardware, Software and Maintenance.
  • Integration of hardware, software and applications at scale without you having to administer the service.
  • Standardize corporate images to be rolled out from factory.

Fastest Resolution Time with Remote & On-Site Support

  • AI and machine learning sort tickets and assign them to the most qualified engineer who is available. 
  • Based on GPS, Field Service Engineers are automatically assigned cases based on their nearest locations to users.
  • Cases are resolved within 35 mins.
  • Remote users’ issues can also be resolved with self-help knowledge articles and Acclivis Remote Support tools anytime, anywhere.
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Unrivalled knowledge base of our customers

  • Acclivis Customer Service and Engineers become part of the customer’s organization and learn from the cases. 
  • Our platform stores this knowledge base built up from prior cases seamlessly. 
  • Our AI engine recommends the right knowledge-based articles in the database to assist engineers in future troubleshooting.

Monitor and track SLA

  • Administrators can monitor and track the SLA of all the cases. 
  • Every closed case will result in a user’s satisfaction survey which organizations can use to review and fine-tune the process.
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Security and Patches

  • Regardless of BYODs or Corporate Devices, Anti-Virus & Data Leak Protection software are provided as-a-service to users. 
  • Patch Management are managed and tested before rolling out to users.

Real-time IT Asset Management

  • Eliminate outdated excel sheets that keep track of your firm’s IT assets
  • IT Asset Management is now automated with reports and dashboards available for real-time view or downloads
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