Customer Success: Implementing Digital Transformation for a Statutory Board’s Smart City Project

Jan 30, 2023 | Articles

Behind every great experience is a great workflow.

In today’s hyper-digital world, IT and DevOps teams are feeling pressure from all sides of the business to innovate faster, keep services reliable and deliver exceptional customer and employee experiences. This strain is only intensified by the changing pace of technology in digital transformation and the increasingly complex infrastructure and applications that accompany them.

For our client, a major statutory board, the challenges stemming from their workflows could not be greater.


Human capital

Within the statutory board, it is always challenging for many agencies, departments and service providers to work together. Changing team members during any project add to the confusion and time delays experienced.

Urgent “Change Requests” spill over to multiple communication platforms

Whenever urgent “Change Requests” arise, the IT team would connect over multiple communication platforms (eg: emails, whatapps, texts and calls) which makes finding the information difficult later on. 

Digging through countless emails

Many “Change Requests” are still done via email and the IT team shared that they spend a disproportionate amount of time searching, reviewing and approving these requests.

No streamlined process of managing workflows

Existing workflows in the organization are still manually run on texts, whatsapps and email causing frequent communication breakdowns. Adding to this challenge are complex approval systems and the lack of segregation of roles and duties in the IT team. 

What was clear is that a structured workflow needs to be implemented. The workflows also need to be fully automated, removing silos and pointless hoops to jump through while connecting different businesses functions together.

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Putting compliance and convenience into digital workflows

Using our proprietary SERVICEONE platform, we worked with our client to identify a core group of stakeholders and implemented the whole digital change management process within a duration of 6 months.

Our team automated the workflow process originating from “Requestors”, “Accessors”, “Approvers” through to “Implementors” and “Reviewers” to offer users a convenient way to access information. These group of users just need to focus on actioning his / her items and the system will cascade and continue the workflow process to the relevant person. 

During the process of emergency workflows, some steps are skipped to speed up the process but compliance of the workflow remains, and people are still able to action on items quickly and efficiently. 

All the “Change Requests” history are now kept in one dashboard. People can search for “Pending Approvals” or the history of “Change Requests” easily, thereby offering much needed convenience to every user within the organization. 

As a result of using Acclivis as a digital transformation services provider, the client could reap the benefits of an overarching workflow that supports individual stakeholders, processes, tools and applications, and make them work seamlessly as a single whole. With Acclivis, our client is finally able to harmonize people, processes and technology and deliver a unified IT experience across any digital channel. 


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