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Internet Services

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Dedicated Wifi


Embrace the future confidently with a modern network infrastructure that supports cloud applications while complying with stringent security standards.

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From High Speed To The Edge

A new revolution for Data and IoT connectivity is here.

As the strategic Connectivity pillar of Acclivis, Pacific Internet brings Cloud and Data to the edge for customers, revolutionizing how we connect businesses, people, places and IoT devices.

By drawing on our heritage and track record of provisioning internet for Singapore households and regional enterprises for decades, Pacific Internet is ready to power a digital-first world.

Internet Services

Connectivity 5

Regional Internet Services Provider

  • Mesh network connecting 5 key cities in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines
  • Enterprise-grade and carrier-agnostic connectivity

Enterprise Internet Services

  • High-quality and cost-effective business broadband and dedicated internet services
  • Regional support with regional billing options

SD-WAN Solutions

  • Rapid deployment and recovery, with limited or zero on-site IT personnel needed
  • Leverages network synergy of multiple and hybrid WAN such as private network and Internet to achieve better network utilization and resilience
  • Unparalleled performance in and out of China

Dedicated Wifi

Take workplace productivity a notch up with our Wifi Services.

Connectivity 6

AI Ops driven SLAs

With Acclivis AI Ops, all networks and equipment are monitored actively. Alerts are given to our engineers even before they fail. These gives our engineers ample time to do the rightful maintenance before it impacts the customer network environment. 

Leasing Options

Acclivis provides leasing options for customers across different brands. And that means no lock-down to any single vendor.

Single vendor for a Network and Managed Services Provider

Customers can have a peace of mind knowing that the network equipment, connectivity circuit and managed services can all be provided by Acclivis.