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Trusted Partners to Connect to China and Southeast Asia 

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Through a strategic collaboration with Tencent Cloud, the world’s top 5 public cloud providers, Acclivis offers public cloud solutions to multinationals and enterprises who want to succeed in Asia.

Together we offer the best of private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions under one roof.

Our Public Cloud Advantages

Native China Cloud

Localized offerings (not available from nonlocal cloud providers) and custom solutions to help you go to market faster in China.

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Massive coverage and scale across Asia and global markets.


Product alignment with global cloud providers for a seamless transition to multi-cloud, whether private, public, or both.

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Expert Guidance

Global enterprise engagement teams to help guide you through any technical, business or regulatory challenges.

Low Cost

Get more value by leveraging economies of scale across the Tencent Cloud ecosystem.

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High Performance

Fast deployment. High-performing and reliable services through Acclivis and Tencent Cloud’s data centres in China and Southeast Asia to support your business needs.

C2B2C Unique Capability

Connected to the WeChat, Weixin and QQ ecosystem which reaches more than one billion users, Tencent Cloud makes consumer to enterprise (C2B) communications easier, helping companies harness the closed loop potential of C2B2C. This know-how better serves users, provides enterprises with a comprehensive range of services and improves their operational efficiency.

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Widest Industry Coverage

Quick deployment for all industries including FMCG, manufacturing, healthcare and biotech, banking, fintech, gaming, web3 and metaverse technologies.

Broader regional coverage across 16 cities in Asia.