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Private Cloud

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Disaster Recovery & Backup Cloud

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Data Centre & IT Infrastructure

Private Cloud

On-premise or in our data centres.

Dedicated Private Cloud

Acclivis has been building and managing dedicated Private Clouds for enterprise customers, running the most critical applications and fulfilling stringent in-country data requirements for the past decade.

Customers have the assurance of Cloud designs that meet in-country data regulations.

From servers and storage to network, connectivity and security, we manage the set-up for you under one roof. Rely on us to keep track of your licenses, renewals, maintenance and warranties and update them when needed.

Monitoring of your environment is done by our professional staff and all escalation is fully automated. This keeps your cloud infrastructure secure and your operations running round the clock.

Private Cloud 7
Private Cloud 8

Heterogenous Cloud

Opt for private or a hybrid arrangement according to your needs and budget. Choose from a range of Multi OS (AS/400, AIX, Linux, Windows), Multi VM Platform (HyperV, VMware, Citrix etc) while keeping your legacy applications intact. And upgrade your applications only when the time is right for your organisation.

Containers Cloud

Through a collaboration with IBM Cloud Satellite, Acclivis offers Container Clouds built on open-source Kubernetes designed for both cloud-native applications and non-cloud-native applications running on any infrastructure.

Private Cloud 9
Private Cloud 10

Cost Savings

Provision according to your needs. Incur OPEX only, with no hidden charges.

Unlike most cloud providers that provide fixed workload provisioning, Acclivis provides you with the freedom to slice the workload based on what is required. That means no resource wastage.

What’s more, you have full ownership of the data. We do not charge you for downloading your own data over the course of the contract.

Single Vendor to Build and Manage Cloud Workflows

Whether it is high performing GPU servers, very low latency networks or even slicing of GPU resources, Acclivis has the expertise and experience of building and managing GPU Clouds for our customers.

Our unified platform means you don’t have to use multiple vendors to manage various cloud workflows.

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