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Disaster Recovery & Backup Cloud

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Data Centre & IT Infrastructure

Disaster Recovery & Backup Cloud

In a world where seconds of IT downtime could bring a business to its knees, Acclivis provides a cloud-based back-up and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution, ensuring complete and reliable business continuity. 

Disaster Recovery & Backup Cloud 7

Industry-leading DR Solutions

Access our cloud data anywhere, anytime using our purpose-built disaster recovery and backup cloud that features 99.999+ percent uptime. Recover data or your network failures in minutes. With Pacific Internet connectivity and industry-leading replication software, our customers can recover data or their network failures in minutes.

Off-site Work Area Recovery

Off the cloud, companies that need alternate work areas to separate their working teams during a crisis can tap on our Acclivis Business Resiliency Centres. Centrally located in our data centres and office which are easily accessible by public transport, these alternative workplaces also serve as accredited facilities for disaster recovery simulation exercises for our government and private-sector clients.

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Disaster Recovery & Backup Cloud 9

Business Continuity Expertise & Consultants

Acclivis is an accredited SS-507 certified Business Continuity Service Provider, with more than 10 years of IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) experience. Annually, we help our customers with their annual BCP audit exercises.  Our BCP Consultants have more than 20 years of experience with enterprise and financial customers, with experience not just in exercises, but also in real-life activations.

Work Area Recovery

With more than 100 Work Area Seats, Command Centres and Cabinets, we host Enterprise and Financial customers in the Equinix-Acclivis Business Resiliency Centre and Acclivis Business Resiliency Centre

Equinix-Acclivis Business Resiliency Centre (EABRC)

The EABRC is a Work Area Recovery (WAR) facility and services located in a convenient location that allows your staff to work without disruption when disaster strikes. The facility contains fully equipped work seats, IP telephony systems, internet connectivity, desktops and printers. The facility connects directly to the Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX) and customers will enjoy direct connection to multitude of clouds service providers.

Disaster Recovery & Backup Cloud 10
Disaster Recovery & Backup Cloud 11

Acclivis Business Resiliency Centre

Acclivis has an in-house, dedicated and highly modular work space which is ideal for all types of corporations. This facility features resilient infrastructure and network connectivity, along with modern laptops, phones, printers and office stationery. The facility is allocated within walking distance to MRT station, major expressways and food and beverage amenities, making it highly convenient for your workforce to operate from.