Acclivis Receives CIO Advisor Award for APAC Top 25 Cloud Solutions Companies (2017)

Dec 28, 2017 | Articles

T o maintain technology investments and systems while reaping the benefits of greater performance, functionality, and less expensive cloud-based applications— cloud computing is not a new trend anymore and is quickly becoming an integral part of many business organizations. However, as more companies embrace cloud services, it will be fundamental that data is accessed through secure channels, making security concerns a matter of talk. Public clouds are now at the forefront of security, with impenetrable privacy systems in place. Companies can also dynamically move their workloads among service providers; as a result, providers will need to better their service offerings.

As businesses expand into the cloud, the need to maintain physical servers becomes redundant, allowing businesses to cut costs without reducing their profitability. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, when paired with the cloud environment, will enable faster processing of information, while also democratizing AI for more services. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based solutions are the way to go, eliminating the need for maintenance and upgrading. Cloud service providers also develop long-term relationships with their customers, in many cases tailoring their offerings to offer superior value to customers.

This edition of CIO Advisor brings you the “Top 25 APAC Cloud Solutions Companies – 2017.” This list identifies some of the most distinguished organizations in the industry that assist companies to incorporate cloud solutions, which suit their specific requirements and help them enhance their business processes. 

‘IBM Powerhouse,’ ‘Southeast Asia fastest growing system integrator,’ ‘trusted cloud service provider’ – these are some accolades received by Acclivis Technologies and Solutions over the past eight years. As a Singapore company, Acclivis has grown by leaps and bounds, with annual revenue in the region of S$60M, a staff strength of over 150 and presence across major cities in SEA.

Founded by Marcus Cheng, together with two other ex-IBMers, Acclivis has earned the reputation of being a trusted partner with enterprises across financial services, manufacturing and transportation industries, as well as the public sector.

In 2015, Acclivis acquired Pacific Internet in Singapore and Thailand, expanding its services into the ICT space. Acclivis’ mantra of ‘Build, Manage, and Connect’ effectively describes its full suite of services. As a system integrator and cloud services provider, Acclivis’ core strength lies in building and implementing cloud solutions (both dedicated and hybrid) for customers, and managing the systems thereafter. Any successful cloud adoption must always be accompanied by an inter-connection strategy where the LOB’s needs are met and exceeded. In this regard, Acclivis, via its subsidiary, Pacific Internet, completes the ICT offering to customers with ISP, SD-WAN and enterprise connectivity.

As a trusted advisor to help customers embark on their digital transformation journey, Acclivis stands out uniquely from the competition with the following attributes; it builds IaaS Dedicated Private Cloud solutions with a specialization in VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V technologies. Also provides consultancy and implements a public, hybrid and multi-cloud solution with a focus on Microsoft Azure Stack, VMWare and key virtualization technologies. The firm has also acquired specialization in building and operating heterogeneous cloud environments ranging from Commercial Cloud (VMWare and Hyper-V) to Power Cloud (AS/400 and Unix O/S). Moreover, Acclivis offers a comprehensive business continuity offering (EABRC – Equinix-Acclivis Business Resiliency Centre), led by certified DR experts, including Work Area Recovery for end users and IT recovery in both a shared (DRaaS) and dedicated environment. In addition, there is a mature Managed Hosting practice governed by ITILbased process and best practice to help IT managers develop operational efficiency so they can focus on the core business.

Today, Acclivis is a subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International, part of China’s largest conglomerate with over USD50B of revenue in 2016. As a leading ICT service provider, Acclivis continues to deliver cloud solutions to enterprises across the region with an expanded geographical portfolio and a keen eye on new technology.

Acclivis is positioned to help enterprises navigate the various cloud platforms and truly harness the benefits of cloud adoption

According to Bain & Company, global cloud IT market revenue is predicted to increase from $180B in 2015 to $390B in 2020, attaining a growth of 17 percent. This presents a great opportunity for Acclivis to address the pressing demand for cloud solutions that can satisfactorily cater to customers’ heterogeneous environment.

“At Acclivis, we believe the cloud should be essential to any forwardlooking enterprise who is eager to chart new growth. In 2018, we will continue to accelerate our capabilities in the areas of Multi-Cloud, Business Continuity and Managed Hosting. We know most IT environments now are a combination of legacy infrastructure, public and private cloud – all delivered by multiple vendors. This presents an entirely new set of complexities. Acclivis is positioned to help enterprises navigate the various cloud platforms and truly harness the benefits of cloud adoption,” concludes Marcus Cheng, CEO, Acclivis Technologies and Solutions Pte Ltd.

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